UHF-Satcom.com - limted number of X-band LNA-s available                                                                  updated: (06/12/2006 11:11:48 -0000)

Several people have emailed uhf-satcom.com about the availability of cheap X-band LNA's for use with the DSN receiver project. We are pleased to say that there are a limited number available. The idea is to make a few cheap LNA's to enable more people to receive the DSN probes / satellites. The LNA's take 3 to 4 hours to build and tune for best noise figure and each LNA is tested on air using 7.5GHz geostationary satellites. The DC-DC converter board is also included so all that is needed is +12v DC to run the preamp. The LNA is supplied with a linear feed, but a simple 1/4 wave depolariser plate can be used at 45 degrees to the probe to achieve circular polarity reception. Don't forget that if you want to receive RHCP signals from space, you must configure your depolariser for LHCP - the dish acts like a mirror and inverts the polarity of circular signals etc.

Photos of the LNA's below.

Initial specs are:

Centre frequency  = 8.400GHz, but useable from 7GHz to 8.5GHz.
NF = ~1dB
Gain =>20dB.
Output = SMA socket
Input circular = X-band waveguide.
Power requirements = 12v DC.
GaasFet = NEC32584C X2

Note, this preamp is suitable for experimenters only - it will need waterproofing and suitable mechanical support etc.