UHF-Satcom.com - Surplus Vertex RSI X band low noise amplifier and down converter                                          (20/02/2012 16:03:17 -0000)

Some very nice milsatcom equipment has been appearing on eBay recently, including almost state of the art LNA's and down converters. Both units are made by Vertex RSI, the LNA is model LXA7550.0001 and LXA7550.0008, and the down converter is model TR0700-02. This particular LNA is centred on 7.5GHz with a bandwidth of +- 250MHz, a noise figure of 50K (0.7dB NF) and a gain of around 50dB. Both the LNA and down converter run from a 12v to 24v DC supply and are really super additions to your X-Band monitoring system. These units were originally used with the TSC-503 transportable satellite communication terminal.

Low Noise Amplifier

For the power supply input, the LNA uses a 6 pin connector as can be seen above. The pin outs are shown on the left. 12V DC is really the minimum acceptable voltage, any lower and the LNA shuts down. The LNA can also be powered up the coax with the same voltage.

The LNA draws 300mA at 12V. The LNA's LXA7550.0008 have the +20dBm output option installed, and are therefore suitable for use with very long cable runs between the LNA and the block down converter. A data sheet for the LNA is available here.

Block Down Converter

The down converter made by Vertex RSI, model TR0700-02, uses a 4 pin connector for power input. The pin assignments have been determined as;

A - 12V to 24V DC input

B - NC or Fault output

C - ground

D - ground

The down converter has an IF output of 950MHz to 1450MHz (L-Band). It is suitable for direct connection to satellite modems operating in this band. A reference signal of 50MHz needs to be fed into the L-Band output connector to lock the internal 6.3GHz oscillator. The beacon receiver output level is approximately 20dB below that of the main L-Band output. The converter draws 380mA in an unlocked state, and 520mA when phase locked.

So far, a data sheet has not been found for the block down converter - if you have one, please send uhf-satcom.com a copy! If you have additional info on these parts, please let us know!

Block Up Converter