Spitzer Space Telescope - Latest news                                                                              updated: (18/10/2006 11:50:38 +0100)

Update from 23rd April 2006. Again Spitzer is a good signal, currently received on 8413.61880 at 22:22 GMT.

Update from 22nd April 2006. The Spitzer space telescope has been copied on 8413.619  at 22:22GMT with very slight Doppler as per the FFT screen shot below. Its close to the Earth at only 29988091.8 miles, so doesn't really count as DX. The signal should be much stronger, but at the time of reception the elevation is low and the dish is looking through two sets of trees. There are some more details of the space telescope here - it was launched on the 25th August 2003.

The Image below is updated frequently by Nasa / JPL / Caltech. Click the image for the current status of the Spitzer telescope. You can use the image to determine if the spacecraft's High Gain Antenna is pointing towards Earth. If it is, then its worth listening for the x-band signal.

The image above is copyright NASA / JPL / Caltech.