Mars Odyssey Reception - Latest news                                                                              updated: (23/12/2007 22:07:20 -0000)

Update from 23rd December 2007 - After reading success stories from the Amateur-DSN yahoo group on Odyssey reception, it was checked and found to be a good signal on 8406.785MHz, as the FFT below shows:

Update from 11th April 2006 - Mars Odyssey have finally been received using the 1.8m dish antenna - thanks goes to DSN guru Bertrand F5PL in France for his frequency commentary which allowed this signal to be located - this signal is by far the weakest seen so far, and in fact redefines the use of the words 'weak signals'

The above image shows the Doppler trace from Odyssey - its highlighted with the two yellow lines to help see it, as its very weak. At the time this FFT was made (note FFT time is local BST - GMT +1), the receive frequency was 8406.3635 MHz. This isn't a bad signal when you consider that Mars is 162148081.68 miles away and the Odyssey space craft uses a 1.3m High Gain Antenna fed with 15 watts of power!